(C95) [tete A Tete Fragile (Sasahara Yuuki)] Syouhou Sanatorium (Azur Lane)

(C95) [tete A Tete Fragile (Sasahara Yuuki)] Syouhou Sanatorium (Azur Lane)

“~I’ve had the highest mountains, I’ve had the deepest rivers, you can have it all but life keeps moving~”

The light traced up her torso and across her bare supple breasts, the warmth touching at her collarbone. “Let me make you feel good…” Tali spoke softly, looking down at Julia, every single aspect of her day had been amazing thanks to this woman and she would do absolutely anything to repay her.

Hentai: (C95) [tete a tete fragile (Sasahara Yuuki)] Syouhou Sanatorium (Azur Lane)

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(C95) [tete a tete fragile (佐々原憂樹)]祥鳳サナトリウム(アズールレーン)

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