Practical Joke

Practical Joke

But how could Marc possibly know that?

“J…James…” Marc goes stiff for a second before forcing my legs open and thrusting hard into me every inch of his hard fat 9” cock forced ball deep into my pussy I scream, no he can’t be James he’s too young and a lot bigger, his hand covers my mouth as he looks at me grinning wide like the Cheshire cat in Alice in wonderland,

“Is my brother” he says my eyes full of shock how? Did Jane know? Why? How?

“That little slut sister of yours doesn’t have a clue does she? What James did to you? He told me every night how good you was, how he would force his cock into you and no matter how hard he pounded you was always as tight as the first time, he still goes on about it when we saw your sister in the club that night he begged me to go talk to her she never met me cause I lived with my mum, he wanted me to get close to you, get you away from her so I could bring you to him. I didn’t.

Hentai: [212] Practical Joke (Aimitsu Carameliser) [English] [CopyOf]

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[212]プラクティカルジョーク(愛蜜キャラメリゼ) [英訳]

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