(C86) [Tiramisu Tart (Kazuhiro)] Naedoko Tenryuu (Kantai Collection -KanColle-) [English] [Tigoris Translates]

(C86) [Tiramisu Tart (Kazuhiro)] Naedoko Tenryuu (Kantai Collection -KanColle-) [English] [Tigoris Translates]

They looked at each other then Gerard left. Go home I went back inside felt so bad my teasing backfired I thought if they saw a woman that they would maybe try to find one but all I did was scare them now what do I do.

Hentai: (C86) [Tiramisu Tart (Kazuhiro)] Naedoko Tenryuu (Kantai Collection -KanColle-) [English] [Tigoris Translates]

Naedoko Tenryuu 1Naedoko Tenryuu 2Naedoko Tenryuu 3Naedoko Tenryuu 4Naedoko Tenryuu 5Naedoko Tenryuu 6Naedoko Tenryuu 7Naedoko Tenryuu 8Naedoko Tenryuu 9Naedoko Tenryuu 10Naedoko Tenryuu 11Naedoko Tenryuu 12Naedoko Tenryuu 13Naedoko Tenryuu 14Naedoko Tenryuu 15Naedoko Tenryuu 16Naedoko Tenryuu 17Naedoko Tenryuu 18Naedoko Tenryuu 19Naedoko Tenryuu 20Naedoko Tenryuu 21Naedoko Tenryuu 22Naedoko Tenryuu 23Naedoko Tenryuu 24Naedoko Tenryuu 25Naedoko Tenryuu 26Naedoko Tenryuu 27Naedoko Tenryuu 28Naedoko Tenryuu 29Naedoko Tenryuu 30Naedoko Tenryuu 31Naedoko Tenryuu 32Naedoko Tenryuu 33Naedoko Tenryuu 34Naedoko Tenryuu 35Naedoko Tenryuu 36Naedoko Tenryuu 37Naedoko Tenryuu 38Naedoko Tenryuu 39Naedoko Tenryuu 40

(C86) [てぃらみすたると (一弘)]苗床天龍(艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-) [英訳]

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