Gay Black Kan'nou Monogatari – Serial Experiments Lain

Gay Black Kan'nou Monogatari - Serial Experiments Lain

Shadow put his sword forward in front of him. Shadow lifted his Tensa Zangetsu and parried the attack then hit her claw away and cut her in half again then in half on each of the halves this time he jumped back to watch what would happen, only getting frustrated when she regenerated again! Shadow charged reiatsu to where it was swirling around his blade, then lifting his sword into the air and slashing it down his sword as a ripple of spiritual pressure known as the attack Getsuga Tensho came flying out of his sword and flying into the doll ripping her into little tiny pieces.

Hentai: (C55) [Comic Kingdom (Oyama Kumotsuru)] [Lain] Kan'nou Monogatari (Serial Experiments Lain)

Kan'nou Monogatari 1Kan'nou Monogatari 2Kan'nou Monogatari 3Kan'nou Monogatari 4Kan'nou Monogatari 5Kan'nou Monogatari 6Kan'nou Monogatari 7Kan'nou Monogatari 8Kan'nou Monogatari 9Kan'nou Monogatari 10Kan'nou Monogatari 11Kan'nou Monogatari 12Kan'nou Monogatari 13Kan'nou Monogatari 14Kan'nou Monogatari 15Kan'nou Monogatari 16Kan'nou Monogatari 17Kan'nou Monogatari 18Kan'nou Monogatari 19Kan'nou Monogatari 20Kan'nou Monogatari 21Kan'nou Monogatari 22Kan'nou Monogatari 23Kan'nou Monogatari 24Kan'nou Monogatari 25Kan'nou Monogatari 26Kan'nou Monogatari 27Kan'nou Monogatari 28Kan'nou Monogatari 29Kan'nou Monogatari 30Kan'nou Monogatari 31Kan'nou Monogatari 32Kan'nou Monogatari 33Kan'nou Monogatari 34Kan'nou Monogatari 35Kan'nou Monogatari 36Kan'nou Monogatari 37Kan'nou Monogatari 38Kan'nou Monogatari 39Kan'nou Monogatari 40Kan'nou Monogatari 41Kan'nou Monogatari 42Kan'nou Monogatari 43Kan'nou Monogatari 44Kan'nou Monogatari 45Kan'nou Monogatari 46

(C55) [コミックキングダム (小山雲鶴)] [Lain]官能物語(Serial Experiments Lain)

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