[Samidaregiri] Farishon Omake

[Samidaregiri] Farishon Omake

She asked where we were going and i honestly couldn’t think straight so i said somewhere quiet
took me a while to make a coherent decision about where to park the car because of the attention i received
when we got the the school parking lot and stopped i was about ready to devour her but i took my time we went into the back and she sat in the seat giving those eyes that i can never deny, fingers brushing her lips, the other hand resting on her already unbuckled pants giving a look of pure lust and want
i reach down and grabbed her sides and bite her stomach getting moan and giggles in return
i come up from her stomach to kiss her mouth and neck only to hear a small whine i look and she, with every fiber of her being looked at and said please while wiggling her hips and putting her fingers in and around my mouth
i smile knowing exactly what she wanted but want to tease her just a little i ask her what her what she wants, she repeats her pleas and more aggressively caresses my mouth i ask her if she wants me to eat her out, she nod and says yes daddy so i take waistband of her jeans and jerk them down. About two inches and then they get stuck
she giggles at me and then helps me as we pull down her pants i smile at the situation, her being so needy for me
once the pants are finally down i get to work
i suck at the clit right from the start stealing her breath in quick motion i lick and nip my tongue darting about finding every nook and cranny to lick and claim
all the while i enjoy the squeals and moans of my name and whines of “go faster!” her hips shaking but pushing themselves into my face i lick and play for a little longer just to get her wet and ready
i let go and move my face away from her pussy only to tell her to move to hands and knees
with a yes daddy, she moves into position i lean over and kiss her neck and back moving until i reach the middle and with a bite i straighten up and slowly push my cock inside of her
She moans with pleasure and ecstasy at the intrusion and i pull slightly out leaving the head inside only to slide back in deeper each time over and over i do this it gets a little deeper and deeper as soon as i’d get all the way in i’d wait and just stay there wiggling her hips, wanting, begging with her body for me to fuck her
and as soon as she said my name i start to fuck her
slowly at first hearing her moan my name pleading harder and harder
and i do it i would start to slam into with all my strength causing her to scream my name in shrill shrieks of pleasure and lust
taking her so hard she can’t talk.

Hentai: [Samidaregiri] Farishon omake

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